Academic Intervention

Intensive academic interventions

A small-group academic intervention program customized to state standards, our Advantage program uses proven, research-based teaching tools to engage students and scaffold instruction to meet individual skill levels. Learn It programs provide focused academic support to close gaps in skills and learning—and help students catch up and get ahead.

Curriculum & Instruction

Learn It partners with leading curriculum companies in the market to develop highly effective, supplemental curricula designed to meet the needs of today’s students. We offer reading, math, Common Core, and English language learner (ELL) programs. Learn more about our curriculum.

Our instructional approach represents best practices in education and delivers highly targeted instruction to address the individual needs of all students enrolled in our program. Our proven system pinpoints skill gaps and allows instructors to focus on those weaknesses so students can succeed. Learn more about our instructional approach.


Assessments & Reporting

Created in collaboration with a leading development firm, our math and reading assessments mirror the format and content of state assessments. We use our assessments to both strategically guide individualized learning for our students and measure gains. Learn more about how we use assessments in our instructional approach.

We believe strongly in gathering and using data and information to develop, deliver, and fine-tune our programs—and keep our partners informed of each student’s progress. Our Learn It Report Portal gives school administrators real-time access to essential information, including student attendance and performance. Every step of the way, we make data-driven adjustments to our programs to maximize impact. Learn more about our reporting features.



The instructors who deliver the Learn It program undergo rigorous training to prepare them to meet the academic needs of all students. Ongoing professional development remains a top priority for our team, allowing them to constantly improve and learn the latest findings and techniques. Our staff plays a vital role in creating enriching, engaging learning experiences tailored to the needs of our students—and we invest heavily to ensure that our teachers are ready and able to rise to the challenge.


Blended Learning

Our small-group instruction can be combined with iLearnit to create powerful blended-learning programs for today’s students. Blending learning combines the best of both worlds—the hands-on experiences of experiential learning and the potential for self-pacing, scaffolding, and data acquisition provided by e-learning platforms.



Learn It’s academic intervention programs are proven to raise achievement for struggling learners. We collect pre- and post-assessment data on students in our Academic Intervention program. Learn more about our results.


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