Learn It Partners with Class Compete to Alleviate Test Anxiety


March 16, 2015

Baltimore, MD – Learn It Systems and Class Compete partner to help students improve test taking skills through new gaming technology.

One of the many challenges that today’s students face is overcoming the anxiety associated with taking tests. As a leader in providing academic support in public and private schools, Learn It Systems has seen this issue affect thousands of students over the last decade.

When they were approached by new ed-tech start-up, Class Compete, to partner to develop a solution to this problem, there was no doubt about the value this could provide students and schools.

According to Raquel Whiting, Executive Vice President, Academic Support for Learn It, “In analyzing over 100,000 academic interventions we’ve performed, we have found no matter the methodology or pedagogy we used, test anxiety was affecting a high percentage of our students and outcomes.”

Class Compete and Learn It worked together to develop a gaming platform that engaged students while improving their test taking strategies. “Gaming engages students in many ways” said Rahul Mahna, CEO and Founder of Class Compete. “We are trying to capture the essence of it, combine it with assessments and boost student confidence while improving their scores.”

The Class Compete application has been deployed to 5,000 students participating in Learn It’s tablet-based online academic support programs in California and Illinois. The application includes a teacher panel that allows Learn It to offer differentiated instruction and real-time reporting data while students compete in games.

The partnership between Learn It and Class Compete was announced at the EdSurge Baltimore Summit. Whiting said of the partnership, “The academic possibilities with gaming are endless and we think our approach of helping students in test taking strategies uniquely positions us to help students and schools succeed.”

Learn more at www.classcompete.com and www.learnitsystems.com


About Learn It Systems

Learn It Systems is a national organization dedicated to helping all children succeed in school and life. The organization provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and related services for individual with autism, special education programs and services in schools, and Title I academic support programs for struggling learners. This year, the Learn It family will deliver more than 1 million hours of service to more than 12,000 families across in ten states, in their homes, schools and communities. The Learn It family includes; Learn It Systems, Autism Spectrum Therapies, Trellis Services, and Desert Choice Schools. Visit learnitsystems.com.com/family to learn more.

About Class Compete

Conceived on a trek to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, Class Compete is a gaming platform that improves student test taking abilities while providing parents and teachers data to make better academic decision. It is available on GooglePlay, iPad, Kindle Fire, PC and Mac.