Desert Choice Schools Expand in Arizona

Learn It’s Desert Choice Schools expands to serve more than 140 special and alternative education students in partnership with five school districts in Arizona.

Learn It’s Special Academies in Arizona provide comprehensive special education services for students with emotional disabilities, as well as an alternative education program for students with challenging behaviors. Each program is based on Learn It’s positive behavior support model and focuses on returning students back to a less restrictive environment while accelerating academic performance.

In the last year, the program has grown from 50 students to more than 140 students. Learn It operates 16 different Desert Choice classrooms across Arizona located on the campuses of its school district partners. Each classroom is led by a certified special education teacher and assisted by Learn It’s highly trained behavior technicians.  The staff leverages Learn It’s new Student Data System to capture and monitor each students growth on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 

John Carberry, Learn It’s vice president of special academies commented, “Our team, processes, and technology allow us to to continue to reintegrate students at a rate higher than any of competitors, demonstrating our commitment to our public school district partners to return each student to a less restrictive setting within a traditional public school classroom.”

1 Hear how the program has impacted both students and parents in this video.