Blended Learning for Alternative Learners

Blended learning has emerged as a powerful instructional practice in schools today, but implementation can often be difficult.

In this webinar, Dr. Karen Sanders from the Buckeye Learning Center in Phoenix, Arizona to shares her research and experiences bringing a successful blended learning program to life.  Dr. Sanders discusses how her research in on-line learning led to the creation of a very unique program for student with alternative education needs. By creating a private-public partnerships, Dr. Sanders and her team were able to build a dynamic and effective learning environment for student with a wide range of learning needs.

Webinar Replay

Autism Awareness: Connecting ABA & PBS

According to recent studies, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) affects an astounding 1 in 68 children.  ASD is the fastest growing developmental disability in our country and a significant cost to our schools and society in general. While there is no cure for autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most widely recognized therapy for children to help them better function in school and in life.

In this webinar, Autism expert Rob Haupt will provide participants with a primer on the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders and will share his insights about ABA. Often referred to as “the science of learning”, ABA is a widely-researched scientific approach to learning that relies on breaking down skills into small, understandable steps that are taught separately. It has been proven to be the most effective method of autism intervention and is also key in the development of successful school wide Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) programs.

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Creating Student Engagement with Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is dedicated to providing hands on learning experiences to students and is an excellent way to engage disinterested students.  It is closely tied to Common Core expectation and is grounded in the scientific method, collaboration, and community involvement.  Successful programs require schools to embrace a culture of creating cognitively engaging learning activities across all content areas, not just in science.

In this webinar educator and researcher Hans Sowder provides an overview of Project Based Learning (PBL), offers some practical strategies to get started, and discusses its potential impact on student learning.  His passion and insight into PBL has been gained through over 20 years of experience teaching science in Michigan schools and through his research and teaching at the University of Michigan where he is currently on the faculty.

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