Learn more about our organization from some of the people who make up our team. We are an organization of nimble, caring and collaborative individuals with a passion for education.

Melissa A teacher for Learn It in Chicago, Learn More

“This job is certainly stretching and growing me as an educator.”

Gilda A teacher for Learn It in South Florida, Learn More

"The best thing about my job is when my students run to me, excited to come to my tutoring sessions."

Kevin An IT Specialist in Learn It’s Corporate office in Baltimore, Learn More

“At Learn It, technology is engrained into everything we do and it’s a big reason why we are so efficient and effective, and why IT never sleeps!”

Erika A speech-language pathologist for Light Street in Las Vegas, Learn More

“I joined Learn It because of leadership’s passion for children and the opportunity to collaborate with new Charter schools to develop their speech-language programs.”

Sam Sam is a private school teacher for Learn It in Chicago, Learn More

“My students keep me on my toes. I could easily fill a book with anecdotes of how students have made me laugh, made me think, made me sad, and made me proud.”

Katie A speech-language pathologist for Learn It in California, Learn More

“I love my Learn It team. I know that I am fully supported by many people who want me to be successful in helping my students to the best of my abilities.”

Brad A behavior technician for Learn It at Desert Choice Schools in Phoenix, Learn More

“There are so many different things happening in the classroom each day, and there is never a dull moment.”

Jacob A lead behavior technician for Desert Choice Schools in Arizona, Learn More

“Every time a student realizes and accepts the choice they make, I get so proud. I can actually see the relief in their faces when it happens.”